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The world's friendliest Giant Mantas


Dreams come true at Socorro. At Socorro, these giants choose to interact with divers! They come in very close (less than 1 meter!), make eye contact with you and then swim along beside you totally on their terms. Enjoy a more intimate experience with giant mantas, dolphins, humpback whales and sharks than you can ever imagine!

Socorro Giant Mantas diving

Socorro Giant Mantas

Dive in amazing sites like El Canyon, The Boiler, The Aquarium & Roca Partida where there is potential for many up close interactions with mantas, dolphins, humpback whales, whale sharks and more!

More than mantas and dolphins

The sharking at Socorro ain’t bad either. See up to 10 different species of sharks including schooling hammerheads, silkies and white tip sharks...Read more >

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Hammersharks at Socorro

Why dive Socorro with Nautilus ?


22 dives plus a thrilling night snorkel with silky sharks hunting under the ship’s deck lights


Certified divers have the option of at least 3 dives a day in our submersible cages.


Part of your trip will be in “Shredder,” our own luxury custom Volvo coach, cutting your ocean crossing time to the bare minimum.


We have your comfort covered with hot tubs, ensuite staterooms and suites and high capacity water makers so that you can shower as often and as long as you like.


3 full days on station so that you see the greatest number of sharks. “Just say no” to trips that pack up and leave at noon on the 3rd day of diving!


18 years ago we became the first and only dive operator to gain ISM safety management system certification. We never take your safety for granted.


DAY ONE - Boarding Night

Welcome aboard! Your Guadalupe Island Great White shark diving adventure starts now! Our priority tonight is to get you out to Guadalupe Island with the shortest and most comfortable crossing possible. Our heavily built…Read more >

stabilized ships help make for a good crossing. We base our ships out of Ensenada, Mexico to shorten your crossing time by 10 hours compared to our old departure port of San Diego, California. All you have to do is meet us at either our hospitality suite in San Diego, or in Tijuana, and we will whisk you to Ensenada in 2.5 hours in “Shredder,” our customized Volvo luxury coach (we feel sad about Shredder, one of our favourite and very charismatic great white sharks who we have not seen for several years now).

Our crew will be waiting for you on the dock in Ensenada with big smiles and trays of sparkling wine to welcome you aboard and help get you settled before getting underway. < Read less

DAY TWO - At Sea

Today is a day of travel and relaxation at sea. There will be an orientation briefing on offer in the morning, followed by a mandatory boat and fire safety drill. Our famous Shark 101 presentation is in the afternoon, followed by a chance to try outRead more >

a shark cage on the back deck, and then cocktails at 1900 (7pm if we were shoreside or 6 bells in the marine tradition). Many guests will have likely signed up for WiFi email access and can be seen sending WhatsApp photos of Guadalupe Island as it appears on the horizon! We like to arrive at the island in the early evening so that our guests can enjoy dinner in a nice, calm, protected anchorage and have a peaceful snooze before the excitement of diving with our big toothy friends first thing the next morning. < Read less

DAY THREE - Let the Sharking Begin!

We have a very simple theory on how a shark trip should run. Open the cages at dawn. Close the cages at dusk. Have divemasters in the water and on the dive deck, enhancing the diving experience for our guests. Have enough cages in the waterRead more >

to provide virtually unlimited diving in our surface cages and least 3 dives a day in our submersible cages for certified divers.

We will get Shark ID going in the late afternoon, followed by cocktail hour at 6 bells. But wait! Your day won’t be over until you join the crew for our wildly popular “street taco night” dinner on the top deck. < Read less

DAY FOUR - Rinse and Repeat

Cages open at dawn, and you can choose to start as early or late as you like. One of the beautiful things about the way we run our trips is that you can almost always jump into a surface cage whenever you want, and you can stay in as long as you wantRead more >

The boat record currently stands at 31.5 hours in the cages over 3 days! We run a schedule of 3 dives a day for certified divers in our submersible deep diving cages and there is often an opportunity to grab an extra dive or two in these cages as well. Our goal is simple – we want you to get in as much diving as you want!

Don’t forget that you can warm up in the hot tub between dives. Our watermakers produce enough water for you to shower in your private ensuite cabin whenever you like. The only difference between showering and the hot tub is that we feel more comfortable serving drinks and snacks to you when you are in the hot tub!

As long as it’s not too windy, this night will feature “theatre under the stars” on the top deck. Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is a perennial favourite and is always made more special knowing that great whites are still swimming close by. Is this a 5 star experience? NO. When you see the Mexican sky at night from the comfort of a deck chair on the upper deck, you will realize this experience has more stars than you could ever count! < Read less

DAY FIVE - Oh no!

It’s our last day of shark diving and we intend to give you every possible minute on station at Guadalupe Island. Our competitors get underway at noon. Are you kidding? You will be able to shark until 1700 before we pack up and head north.

Filet Mignon barbecued to order will be on the menuRead more >

for dinner, with special dietary options always available, followed by another entertaining Shark ID session. Our Shark ID program provides incredibly valuable information to the scientists that we work with. We have helped identify some of the 261 individual great white sharks so far and we are still counting. Research, conservation and regulation all depend on ongoing census and identification work. Your trip onboard matters. Not just because part of every trip fee goes to support science and conservation, but because Shark ID is a “must do” if we truly care for and love these sharks. New in 2018 is our bespoke onboard shark ID software which uploads data real time via our satellite system to a public domain shark ID database. < Read less

DAY SIX - Return to Port

Your time onboard will sadly come to a close when we arrive in port at 1:30pm. Our crew will have put together a DVD of trip highlights and we will ensure you get a copy before you disembark. “Shredder” will be waiting to transport some guests to either Tijuana or San Diego, while other guests may be extending their trip with us into the Sea of CortésRead more >

with a 5 night stay on our luxury yacht at Cabo Pulmo Marine Park or visiting Bahía de los Ángeles with an amazing aggregation of 85 – 220 whale sharks every season.

Sad good-byes from us to you, but we hope to see you again very soon. Diving with great white sharks is an amazing and powerful experience but we don’t call it “the experience of a lifetime” because so many guests keep coming back for more! Some of our guests have done this trip 6, 10, 15, and even 17 times. We started by offering 2 shark trips one September many years ago. In 2018 we have 72 trips on offer with 1,800 guests joining us. There is a reason these trips are so popular!

Don’t forget! Dive safe. Always dive with your Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS. < Read less

Check out the gallery for more awesome Socorro Giant Mantas and other animals photos!

“This is my 9th trip to Guadalupe Island and it has been, by far, the best I’ve seen. Great white sharks on every dive and most dives had multiple sharks. It is hard to beat being in the cage with 4-5 great whites circling the cage. This has got to be one of the most exciting experiences you can have.”